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Fuq's + Etiquette

Frequently Unanswered Questions and  other Mostly Common Sense Stuff


#1 rule is to always be good to others. Do unto fellow naked bedmates as you would have aforementioned naked bedmates do unto you. Sex is all about respect and respect is a two-way street. Be kind, warm and welcoming. Give compliments, maybe a back rub, and be Big Spoon every now and then. Be kind to self, others and Mama Nature. It's easy, it's free and it's sexy 💗⠀⠀⠀


I'm an astute woman who genuinely loves gentlemen, and you behaving respectfully will ensure I go the extra mile for you! So please do read the following points before contact (don’t be afraid – most of it is simply common sense!).

To approach me for a rendezvous, please text, Whatsapp or email (although a mobile number is required to confirm) me as you would any other professional – with a respectful, well-written message. Messages/requests sent to me should include these vital details in order to make a booking :


Please state: 

1. preferred date and time/range 

2. desired experience type

3. length of booking wanted

4. any desired extras or questions 


Please keep it simple and straightforward for both of us, hope to see you soon x 



Please note that i don’t answer calls unless pre-arranged and I cannot answer texts or calls during personal or professional commitments so please don’t be offended if i cannot reply to you straightaway, I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as i practically can. Sometimes I receive a high rate of messages per day so i can’t chat much over on the phone... this doesn't mean i don’t value you, I do! I simply prefer to keep the catch up chats etc for when we’re spending time together xox 


Please read the information within my website, it should be able to answer most of your questions but please don’t be shy to ask me if they don’t! 


Private withheld numbers will not be answered. Sorry.


Please do not try to negotiate my rates, I consider this to be very disrespectful & rude.


Please do not try to negotiate my boundaries. I will not offer ‘natural’ services, no matter how nicely you ask or how much you offer.


With regards to drugs and alcohol, I completely respect the choices of others, and as long as you are respectful and considerate, I mostly do not mind what you choose to do but so that you  know that I don’t smoke cigarettes (though I may use a vape every now and again), I rarely drink alcohol, but when I do it is usually vodka or similar, I cannot drink wine. I will not indulge in conversations referencing illegal substances.


Personal hygiene is of utmost importance to me. All clients will be asked to have a quick shower and mouthwash and/or fresh breathe mints at the start of your session. 


Please behave discreetly if we are together in public or when approaching my premises. While i am very proud of my profession, it is important to me that behavior is always with discretion.


Payment can be made with cash, bank deposit, debit card, credit card, cash app, crypto, gift cards and sometimes other out of the box solutions, so if you have something in mind just ask! 


In-call services are in Silverdale at my private residence (24/7) 


Outcalls are welcome, it is preferred if bookings are made in advance. They will also incur a travel fee $POA (to cover costs only so its usually $30 or so). Prefer Northshore, Albany, Silverdale areas. Other locations considered but not guaranteed :-) I usually don't go over the harbour bridge, city and beyond (You have a small chance if you ask me really really nicely and give me at-least 24hrs notice)


Please note that a $50.00 non refundable cancellation/no show fee applies to all booking's if you have not given me a respectable amount of notice (24hrs notice is asked/prefered). Cancellations and No-Shows have the potential to cause me  substantial loss of potential income, my time is valuable as is yours, thanks so much for your consideration.


If I do not answer your message or phone call straight away, it could be because I am either busy or not working on the day, living my life... but I truly value you and I will get in touch with you as soon as practically possible, unless it's been slightly too long then I won't be able to reply as I respect your privacy etc.. the goal is no drama right? that's what dating apps are for! ) so if for what ever reason that happens, I'm not intentionally ghosting you, please simply contact me again, I value your connection!

If for any reason you require our communication to be as discreet as possible, please do let me know if you have particular restrictions i need to be aware of, for example let me know if I should not reply after a certain amount of time and/or when it is appropriate for me to reply.


My listed services are just to name a few standard services but I'm not limited to just them.. so please talk to me before your booking commences or during our time together as I'm open to discussing your desires, kinks and fetishes. I will let you know if I am able to indulge in your chosen kinks or fetishes and if I do not share the same taste I can often refer you to a friend of mine who can! 

If you aren’t sure which of my services you’d like to experience, read the detailed description's on my services page or contact me with any questions - I’m happy to help you figure out your favourite flavour! Contacting me in a professional & respectful manner is guaranteed to win my affections- I prefer text contact, & no private numbers, please.


I am currently choosing to not show my face in any of my photos and will not send headshots to individual requests. Please respect my privacy and personal choice. If face and external looks are of upmost importance to you and your enjoyment, I don't want to waste both of our time, so maybe it is best for you to find another woman who does show face picks. Alternatively we can arrange a brief meet and greet. If upon meeting you do not wish to proceed with the booking, then depending on the particular circumstances you may be required to pay the $50 cancellation fee, but please don't worry, no offense will be taken , every one of us is unique and special in their own way.. its whats makes our world so very interesting! and I cannot match everyones particular tastes.. If I had to choose a celebrity I most resemble, its a hard one, but I'm going to have to say Sarah Jessica Parker or Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S lol I don't really know but it gives you something to go by!


Ok, ok so my friends with benefits is probably slightly different to the FWB out there on the tindered brick road but still - respect, choice and equality are at its core. I'm not just a hole and you're not just another John. My mission is to help you feel like a boss no matter who you are or what you do but especially when sportin’ your birthday suit. To heck with self-consciousness! Be unabashedly nude and ooze (pun no apologies) that sass in spades. Being naked is so much fun!


I am truly fascinated with people and their stories which is one of the main reasons I am here and do what I do. So, I look forward to meeting you human to human and without judgement, holding space for you (and I) to explore whatever tickles your fancy*

*Terms and Conditions may apply

Thanks so much for taking your time and reading all this!

 Now, in the words of Marvin Gaye - let’s get it on .......


F you soon! xo

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