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Choose A Plan

  • Dinner Date

    Virtual 1 Hour Dinner Date
    Valid for one week
    • Pre-Date Messaging (same day of date)
    • Pre-Date Tease Pic (same day of date)
    • Private One-on-One Virtual Dinner Date
    • After-Date Messaging (same day of date)
    • Goodnight Text (same day of date)
  • Online GFE

    Every week
    Online Girlfriend Experience!
     1 day free trial
    • Daily Morning Message
    • Daily Cheeky Pic
    • Daily 5 Min Quick Chat
    • Unlimited Daily Chat Convo's (within reason)
    • Nightly Goodnight Message
    • Can Tailor The Plan To Suit Your Needs
  • Girlfriend For A Day

    A whole day of fun and laughs
    Valid for one week
    • Too Many To List!
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